35 Martins Bay Road, Warkworth, Northland, New Zealand

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How We Care for Our Beautiful New Zealand Lodge

Waimana Point Lodge was architecturally designed and purpose built on an eco-friendly basis. It is constructed of cedar, glass and river stone to blend in with the natural landscape colours. Facing north and with maximum window exposure, the sun provides heating in the winter with the riverstones and concrete absorbing the heat and releasing it during the night. With the lodge being built on a peninsula there is nearly always natural airflow, which provides welcome relief from summer heat. This is supplemented with ceiling fans.

In 1997, prior to building, we started our re-vegetation program. To date we have now planted nearly 16,000 thousand native trees! We have also constructed a walking track around the coast so guests can walk through the regenerating bush.

We’re pleased to offer guests an indoor 20-metre lap pool, which is solar-heated and treated by the chlorine and salt-free EnviroSwim water purification system.

Rain-water is collected from the roof and collected in five large tanks for use within the lodge. No chemicals are added to the pure filtered water. A deep bore down 160 metres provides water for the garden and sheep.

We have an ‘Oasis Waste Water System’ for treating our waste. This treated water is then drip-fed onto an area of regenerating bush. Green organic waste is composted and used to enrich our vegetable garden.

Paper, plastic, glass, etc are all recycled. Guests have a recycle bin in their suites for aluminum tins, bottles and plastics.

Without compromising our guests’ comfort and enjoyment, we encourage them to be environmentally aware. For example, we have a guest towel agreement, whereby guest re-hang towels for additional use to reduce excess and unnecessary laundering.

We supply guests with NZ natural body care products from New Zealand company HealthPak who represent brands such as Kohu Spa.

Eco friendly cleaning products are used within the lodge.

We are committed to buying as much local produce as possible and strive to promote, support and network with other business people within the area.

Waimana Point has a non-smoking policy within the lodge so you can enjoy the pure New Zealand air.